SVCTE PBL Showcase — April 2017

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

On Wednesday April 5, 2017, SVCTE and MetroED teachers, staff and admin gathered together to share and celebrate their project-based learning activities from this school year. Almost every teacher presented one of their projects; here are videos, slideshows and other resources from those presentations:

Transportation Sector

Auto Body Refinishing — Mr. Chukes:

Mr. Nathan Chukes discusses his project:

Auto Body Repair — Mr. McTaggart:

Information, resources… coming soon!

Automotive Services — Brakes & Alignment — Mr. Walker:

Mr. Jimmy Walker presents about their project:

Automotive Services — Electrical — Mr. Van Hagen:

Mr. Ed Van Hagen presents his student’s projects on starter systems:

Ed’s presentation slideshow (1.18 MB PDF):
Also available as a 6-up handout (585 KB PDF)
Q & A discussion about Ed’s presentation and the student projects:

Automotive Services — Engines & Transmissions — Mr. Ghoulamipour:

Mr. Tom Gholamipour dsicusses his student-created videos project:

A student demonstrates a valve adjustment on a
2003 Honda Civic EX VTEC.

Another student demonstrates how to check the valve settings
on a 2003 Honda Civic EX VTEC.

Q & A discussion about the student-created videos project:

Truck Mechanics — Mr. Cortese:

Information, resources… coming soon!

Arts, Media & Entertainment Sector

Animation — Mr. Whitman:

Students created monochromatic rotoscope animations based on the theme of “myth.” Here’s Mr. Eric Whitman presenting about this project:

Here is the “reel” of student projects:

And here’s some Q & A after the reel:

Film & Video Production — Mr. Furtado:

Film & Video Production instructor Mr. Jonathan Furtado presents about the PSA project:

Fashion & Interior Design Sector

Fashion Design & Textile Art — Ms. Sanford:

Ms. Sheila Sanford discusses her project exploring sustainable and just fashion:

Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation Sector

Baking & Catering — Mr. Joseph:
Culinary Arts — Ms. Joseph:

Information, resources… coming soon!

Information & Communication Technologies Sector

Cybersecurity — Mr. Burnham:

Click on the image below to view the slideshow about how the Cybersecurity class projects provide opportunities for “student voice & choice.”

Mr. Jim Burnham presents his project:

Internet Engineering — Mr. Keadle:

Mr. Kory Keadle presents his project:

Mobile App Design & Computer Coding —
Mr. Brautigam:

Mr. Mark Brautigam’s presentation:

See multiple iterations of the students’ websites about homelessness at

Public Services Sector

Fire Science/First Responder — Mr. Gonzalez & Mr. Tovar:

Mr. Phil Gonzalez presents their CPR Awareness project:

Law Enforcement — Mr. Bazurto:

Forensic Science — Mr. Eryavec:

Mr. Oscar Bazurto, instructor of the Law Enforcement course, and Mr. Marty Eryavec, instructor of the Forensic Science course,
presented about the Mass Decontamination Simulation Exercise their students participated in on March 10, 2017. The exercise was organized
and run by the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Center.

Below are the handouts presented during the PBL Showcase:
Here are the handouts Oscar shared:

And here’s a video the VA created of the “Decon Exercise:”

Forensic Science — Mr. Eryavec:

Mr. Marty Eryavec, instructor of the Forensic Science course,
also presented about his student’s DNA projects, for which they created tri-fold display boards and videos.

Here’s one of their videos:

Here’s Marty’s presentation:

Health Science / Medical Careers Sector

Dental Assisting — Ms. Fleming & Ms. Sugden:

Ms. Michelle Sugden presents her project:

Ms. Gina Fleming presents about her project:

Medical Assisting — Ms. Memon & Ms. Straubinger, and Veterinary Science — Ms. Belaski:

Ms. Victoria Straubinger introduced guest speaker Rebecca Davis, Service Coordinator for Abode Services,
who spoke about the “Pets & Vets” project developed by Ms. Memon, Straubinger and Belaski, in which students will
visit veteran’s homeless shelters and provide blood pressure and glucose checks, offer nutritional information, and also provide
pet care and class-made dog biscuits.

Here, Ms. Victoria Straubinger and Ms. Elizabeth Belaski present about their project:

Click on the image below to view their slideshow about the project:
And here, students demonstrate
various medical assisting techniques:

Proper venipuncture
Proper sanitary gloving technique.
Taking a TB Test
Taking vital signs

Medical Science/Health Careers — Dr. Disalla-DiSanto:

Dr. Dasalla-DiSanto discusses her project:

Medical Office Careers — Ms. Nera-Perez, and
Pharmacy Careers — Ms. Polanco:

Ms.Nera-Perez and Ms. Polanco collaboratedon a project in which students learned about and debated
controversial issues. Click on the image below to view their slideshow about the project.

Sports Medicine & Kinesiology — Ms. Rockett:

Ms. Jennifer Rockett’s presentation:

Click on the image below to view Jennifer’s slideshow about the project:
< < < slideshow here > > >

Brief Q & A discussion, following Jennifer’s presentation:

Agriculture & Natural Resources Sector

Veterinary Science — Ms. Belaski:

See above.

Building & Construction Trades Sector

Construction Technology — Mr. Cheetsos:

Construction Technology instructor Mr. Kurt Cheetsos presents about his project:

Electrical Maintenance — Mr. Sugden:

Information, resources… coming soon!

HVAC — Mr. Falcone:

Click on the image below to view the slideshow about the HVAC project.

HVAC instructor Mr. James Falcone presents about his project:

Manufacturing & Product Development Sector

Engineering for Manufacturing — Mr. Betts:

Information, resources… coming soon!

Metals Technology — Mr. Cannizzaro:

Click on the image below to view the slideshow about the Metals Technology project.

Here’s Mr. Cassidy Cannizzaro presenting the project:

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