Rowe Archives: Getting Started

After spending a few days with my sister Beth in Colonie, NY (between Albany and Schenectady — and during which time I forgot to get a few pictures of us), she drove me to Rowe on Saturday 24 July. It is so wonderful to be back in New England, and back in Rowe, Massachusetts in the gorgeous Berkshires.

The little town of Rowe was settled in 1762, and incorporated in 1785; here are a few shots around town.

Google Map of Rowe town area, indicating where Rowe Camp & Conference Center is.

Rowe Camp began in 1924, so the project I’ve signed up for is to organize, catalog and digitize as much of the 97 years of photos and various documents!

Now, a week or so into the project, I have completed the first round of going through most of the photos and documents, and organizing them by year, camp, topic, etc.

Here’s the beginning of organizing the photos, first by year and then which camp or conference; there’s an entire 4th box (not pictured) of undated unidentified pictures! There are also nearly a dozen (non-archival) photo albums and a few archival boxes of photos I have not yet gone through.

Last Updated on May 6, 2022